November 08, 2005

The a cure from the Balkans?

Interesting idea for a counter to the Islamism fostered by the psychotic Wahabi sect of Islam, encourage Balkan Islam. Yes I know, the balkans have been considered a powder keg for centuries, but apparently the Islam practiced there is considerably less prone to Islamism than that being imported from Pakistan and the Middle East having had to live with non-Muslims, who where not Dhimmi, for a long time.

There is a small problem with making this happen.


That is the reason that the Wahabi sect is in the ascendent, it has the backing of the oil wealth of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royal family have long been in a faustian pact with Wahabi Islam, giving it preferential treatment as it helped raise the House of Saud to power, and then keep them in power.

There are a lot of Wahabi Saudis with a lot of money to spend on things that further their sect There are also a lot of unemployed Saudis that have qualifications to be Imams, and little else, and a need for qualified Imams in Europe.
The expansion of formal religious education programs in a technologically modernizing society has created some economic dislocations and some degree of social polarization between those equipped primarily with a religious education and those prepared to work in the modern economic sector. ... In the private sector, for example, where most of the employment growth was expected from 1990 to 1995, employment was projected to increase by 213,500, but at the same time the Saudi indigenous labor force was expected to increase by 433,900. Consequently, the growing number of graduates in religious studies--in 1985, 2,733 students in the Islamic University of Medina and more than 8,000 in Muhammad ibn Saud University in Riyadh--was a potential source of disaffection from the state and its modernizing agenda.
The hidden hand of the market swept them up and pushed them into Europe.

If you've just been given millions to help build a new Mosque and are getting a well read Imam into the bargain it would be foolish for any control committee to refuse, especially in favour of a Bosnian that has not got the prestigious training (or friends with money for the Mosque). So how exactly can the switch from Wahabi Islam to a Balkan variant be accomplished? Forced state interference at this time would probably be a cure more dangerous than the disease.


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